Cold BREW System

The cold infusion process also known as "cold brew" is the trend from the USA, which will change the category of caffeine-containing beverages in Germany and Europe.

With the Cold Brew technology, the freshly ground roasted coffee is cold-brewed with cold water for 10-14 hours without the addition of energy. In contrast to hot brewed coffee, it has hardly any bitter substances and is therefore very mild and the aroma of the coffee can develop better.

The mild aroma-rich coffee infusion is ideal for cold consumption and thus forms the perfect basis for coffee-containing energy refreshment drinks.

However, to make the coffee infusion a drink, the coffee must be deprived of its natural fat content, as this is problematic in taste, stability and durability. Thereafter, when bottled by specific thermal thermal curves, the product is preserved, without losing its fine flavors.

One bottle of Cold Brew Coffee equals the caffeine content of a 150 ml cup of coffee.